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Multiple calcifications in the skin and viscera: a case report

	author = {Huan Li and Meng Wang and Guanghui Lian and Xueying Long and Christina Fleming and Eli D. Ehrenpreis and Ahmed Khattab and Lisa Nyberg and Jie Peng},
	title = {Multiple calcifications in the skin and viscera: a case report},
	journal = {Journal of Xiangya Medicine},
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	abstract = {Nodular panniculitis, also known as Weber-Christian disease, is a nonsuppurative inflammatory disorder that affects the adipose tissue (1). It presents as symmetrically distributed subcutaneous nodules which are often accompanied by abdominal pain and vomiting as well as systemic symptoms that include fever and malaise. It is classified into dermatologic and systemic types based on the organ systems involved. In this article, we present a rare case of multiple calcifications in the skin and viscera. This is followed by a discussion of the diagnosis and treatment.},
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