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Perioperative management of diabetes

	author = {Keren Zhou and M. Cecilia Lansang},
	title = {Perioperative management of diabetes},
	journal = {Journal of Xiangya Medicine},
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	year = {2019},
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	abstract = {Diabetes is a highly prevalent, with serious peri-operative implications. Those with uncontrolled diabetes either preoperatively or postoperatively experience worse outcomes including increased morbidity and mortality. In this review, we aim to explore the appropriate glycemic targets both pre- and postoperatively based on available data. Management recommendations are provided for patients who were on insulin (including those on an insulin pump), on oral agents, and/or non-insulin injectables prior to surgery. Insulin remains the mainstay for management of hyperglycemia in the inpatient setting and recommendations are provided on dosing both for those previously on insulin and those newly initiated on it. Continued research into the best strategies for perioperative diabetes management is needed as many of our current recommendations are still based on empiric practices. However, in general, the data support optimizing glycemic management in the preoperative period to an HbA1c of },
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